We make video magic!

Actually, it's not magic. It's creative story tellers and passionate video-nerds collaborating to make people feel something. 

Our purpose

We produce branded content and promotional videos for the web, events, and broadcast. With a small and dedicated crew, we tell our clients' stories in the most engaging way possible, always striving to add a fresh touch each time. Check out the stories and campaigns we've worked on in the Produced Videos section.

When it comes to live events, we get all giddy and excited inside-- Specifically when we use our multi-camera and graphics systems to create a larger-than-life, seamless experience for the audience. When the audience is global, we livestream our multi-cam content to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, Twitch, and others--like that time Starbucks asked us to livestream a pumpkin giving birth to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. For 4 days straight. To 7 million people. It was weird. And one of the most engaging projects we've done.

Thanks for a great day of filming yesterday. You are the hardest working film team in the business. I am always impressed with your ability to engage so thoughtfully with each group of people we work with and how you push to get the best out of a project.
— Polly Fredlund, The Bush School

A FEW EXAMPLES OF What We've Achieved

  • We managed a large-scale multi-cam video system for the mainstage at the Sasquatch Music Festival for 4 years straight.
  • We reached 7 million viewers with a Starbucks Facebook Live event, geared toward lovers of the almighty PSL.
  • In just a few years, we grew our team to three full-time and dozens of trusuted partners.
  • We partnered with the Boys & Girls Glub to create all visual assets for their annual fundraiser. They raised more money that night than in any previous year.
  • Broadcasted live from a $45M home in LA for Zillow's CEO. It was their most watched video ever. 
  • We managed a real-time video system in 5 cities simultaneously for Bimbo Bakeries' global event.
  • We filmed and edited social content for Major League Soccer. We also streamed live interviews from the sideline.
  • We created an unprecedented 360 video experience with the LA Galaxy and Alcatel. The 360 experience is still be used in Alcatel stores around the country.