Our Team




Adam founded Red Element Studios in 2009 with a single camera and a ton of energy. Today he leads the company in creating high production value videos that delight both clients and their customers. Adam’s always looking for new ways to tell stories, new technology to implement, and new ways to craft an emotional message. Outside of Red Element, Adam can be found plotting his next global adventure, nerding out about cameras and lenses, and mountain biking in the woods of the Northwest.




Jana was born in Moscow, but ended up in Seattle via Jerusalem, New York, and Chicago—it’s a long story. Prior to joining Red Element, Jana worked as an associate producer at the August Jackson Company in Chicago, and has also worked in nonfiction television for A&E and the Biography Channel. Jana is passionate about seeing stories unfold into reality.  Outside of Red Element, you can find Jana at SIFF Cinema watching the latest documentary, or pug-spotting in Seattle’s public parks.




Evan grew up bored in the suburbs of Southern California, where he started making films and videos with friends as a fun way to pass the time. Over the years, that hobby turned into a passion, and then a career. After studying film at Boston University, he began directing indie projects and freelancing full-time for a wide range of clients. He joined Red Element in 2018, where he shoots, edits, and collaborates with the team to bring video projects to life. Outside of Red Element, Evan likes playing music, traveling, cooking, and comedy.